Vendor Financing Services

The Patron West Vendor Advantage

Fast. Easy. Quality.  No Cost. Patron West connects your business customers with financing.

Patron West is here to help your business grow and succeed. We build relationships with risk takers of all types, the very people who build our country by starting and running businesses. Every person, every business and every deal is different and we respect that.

We believe it’s not “what we do,” it’s “how we do it,” that sets us apart from the competition. Our team is committed to providing consistent quality both in our equipment and our service. When you contact Patron West you can be assured you will be treated with respect and value.


Fast application process and decisions. The right financing partnership should increase your sales—quick application processing with a team dedicated to taking care of your customers.

Applications can be submitted online with decisions delivered in as quickly as a few hours, but we work with each individual deal to make sure none fall through.


We help make it easy to buy your product and service by making it easy for customers can apply for equipment leases or loans. Sign-up as a vendor partner and easily refer customers through our vendor financing technology – PODIUMPAYS.

Easy Application for your customer any time of day.

Easy to Manage your Financing Program from your branded dashboard with real-time updates and notifications.

Easy to Promote your Finance Program on your own website.


We aim to deliver a remarkable Quality experience for everyone we interact with during the financing process. Our transparent finance programs and rates make sure that your customers are being treated fairly and honestly; like you would expect to reflect back on your company.

These are your customers: We can supply a personalized application link and calculators for you to share with your customers, so referrals are directly linked to you. These are your customers and we protect their information, while still sharing the status and results with you.

Expertise and experience: We work with a variety of industries, from commercial vehicles to IT, light industrial and production equipment. Learn about the many industries we finance – What We Finance and more About Us.

No Cost.

Patron West is a sales organization with goals aligned to your business.  Patron West will help you get the sale by taking care of your customer and getting them the funds to pay.  We work hard and fast to get deals over the line; because we only get paid by the lender if the deal is financed.    An integrated finance program will allow you to sell more of your product or service at higher margins by bundling the services and accessories all into one monthly payment. 

Sign up as a vendor partner and easily refer customers. The Cost to you for all of our tools, calculators and service is nothing. In most cases, your company is referring the customer and Patron West is paid through the lender. Patron West is a brokerage and as such is shops the market for the best rates and terms, so payment is part of the negotiation and management of the deal.

In rare cases we can also be a source or referral revenue, but mostly we recommend getting your full price and leaving the finance options pure. Patron West genuinely wants to offer competitive rates and close the deal, because in our experience, a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Working with Patron West

1. Discovery: Tell us what you want.

  • Product discovery – understand your needs
  • Sales process – understand where we can help increase sales and revenue.
  • Goals – determine if we are the right fit and whether we can compliment you sales offering.
  • Quoting tools.
  • Customer communication.
  • Notifications.
  • Applications and branding.
  • Website integration.

2. Customized Program – We’ll create a program that fits your needs and the needs of your customers.

3. Offer financing to your customers by email, in quotes, on invoices and on your website.

PODIUMPAYS is a powerful technology that allows sellers to offer financing on every quote.  Automate payment quoting, as well as the application process, and empower your customer to purchase.

Easy to Implement and Use – Very easy and intuitive system to adapt to your current sales process.

Reduce Credit Card Fees – when customers chose financing over credit card you instantly save the fees.  Take pressure off already tight margins.

Retention – give customers one more reason to say yes!  Affordable Monthly Payments will help more customers get what they need and keep them from going elsewhere.

Display Payments on your website – Turn shoppers into buyers and do it before your competition does.   Adding our payment technology to your quoting process, website or cart is simple and we provide all the tools to fully integrate!

Get Paid – As a vendor partner, receive 100% of your invoice on terms that work for your business including soft costs such as shipping, delivery and installation.

Please contact us for more information at 1-888-435-4171 or visit

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