3 Reasons to Break up With Your Lender NOW

Posted 09.21.2018

I would never want to undermine the value of relationships. Our networks, built with connections we nurture over years and decades, are among an entrepreneur’s most meaningful and valuable assets.

Many businesses are built on referrals, where trust and reputation are integral to ongoing, unquestioned, and often very profitable transactions.

But what about when things don’t go quite so well? Any business owner who’s been operating a length of time has had less than ideal experiences. When the value, the service, the profitability or the competitiveness just isn’t there. When the joy is gone. When it’s time to break up.

And as the old song suggests, breaking up can be hard—even painful and awkward—to do. But at Patron West, we turn that on its head. Here are three reasons we make breaking up easy, when it’s the sensible thing to do.


Transitioning is one of several instances where a client-broker relationship is ideal. As the broker, it’s our job to keep lenders on their toes. As your business situation changes, as your risk level improves, and as you grow to need more options and greater flexibility, you are never committed to a single financing provider. The relationship you build is with us, and we work hard to be of ever-increasing value as it matures. When it’s time to make a change, we take care of it for you.


One of the many ways in which Patron West adds value is in understanding the various options available to each client. It’s why we work with more than 20 financing partners, all with specific focuses, strengths and capabilities. And knowing those lenders as we do, we know it would be crazy for a business to rely on just a few—or as is often the case, only one. When you change or add a lender with Patron West, you get to hold on to the advisor who has worked with you to know your business.


When your business is ready to take the next step, or when the current lender is no longer providing optimum value or performance, it’s our job—never yours—to make distracting or confusing changes. You get to focus on growth, running a tight ship and earning more money, while we take care of the financing for you.

Whether you’re feeling it may be time for a change, or if you’re looking for new financing, give the Patron West team a shout or fill out our super-quick online application. We’re all about making it easy.

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