Who We Finance

People Who Make Things Happen

We want to help you grow!  Whether you own a small or medium sized business, Patron West can provide capital in order to grow your enterprises and achieve success.

Your team at Patron West will reduce the risk and stress that comes with financing a business.

Whether you are a new owner/operator with one truck billing $150,000 a year, or a larger established industrial company with $25,000,000 in sales, you will join a respected group of dedicated business owners who are the active heart of their business. People, like you, who know their business better than anyone else, and know that good business relationships are essential to growing your business.

Getting it done right, together, to make your journey smoother. That is the reason we exist. For a FREE, no obligation chat to find out how we can help you grow your business, just like we’ve done for thousands of other business owners just like you, call us now at 1-888-435-4171, or email us at ryan.risling@patronwest.com

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Businesses We Finance

We provide financing for a wide variety of businesses including:

  • Field Mechanics
  • Light Industrial Manufacturing
  • Water and Sewer Contractors
  • Landscape and Snow Removal Contractors
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Managed Service Providers
  • IT Infrastructure Installers
  • Furniture Re-sellers