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Posted 05.08.2015

Selling your Equipment Online for Top $$$

These days one of the best ways to determine the value of your equipment and find a buyer is on the internet. Unfortunately this is where some readers may check out because they can’t figure out the camera on their phone or the internet or both, but wait there is hope! Ask your kids or nephews or nieces to do it for you, they can probably do it better and faster anyway and you can consider it quality bonding time. However when you do it, do it right. Having arranged financing for thousands of trucking and industrial companies, I see it over and over again – the people with the best ads sell their gear first and for more money. Here is quick guide to selling your gear on the web to get more interest, sell it faster and at a better price:

  1. Wash the equipment. Shine it up inside and out and keep it that way until it sells. Dirt and grime don’t make it look tough, it just makes it look dirty and that you don’t care.
  2. Take LOTS of Pictures. Exterior and Interior pic’s along with the odometer, hours meter, tires, engine, tracks, attachments, etc… it all helps.
  3. Take GOOD pictures. If they are blurry or too dark or too bright erase them and start again; its not like you are spending hours developing film in your basement. Any phone these days takes a better picture than your Kodak did years ago. When you load them onto the websites make sure they aren’t upside down or sideways – buyers are lazy (I know I am).
  4. List all the Options. Name all the specs and options and work done and have the paperwork to back it up if asked.
  5. Price Smart. Use the same website you are selling your gear on to research other gear like yours and gauge the price. Never use any term like “firm price” as it just makes you sound grumpy and inflexible. Price it a bit higher then give a deal – even Mr. Grumpy likes a deal.

Buyers can be anywhere in the world. Here are some common websites you can both research and sell equipment on:

Finally, it is important to refresh your advertisement every week or two to keep it near the top by simply change some wording and reposting it. Do this right and I guarantee a better selling and buying experience. And can you finance equipment you buy on the internet? Well, of course, you can 🙂

Happy Selling.

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