Commercial Light Duty Vehicle Leasing

Posted 05.31.2012

If you own a business and go to a dealership to purchase everyday vehicles like cars and pickup trucks, you’ll have found out that many lease financing options have dried up or become restrictive since the recession. The options that are available are often more expensive than the deals that Patron West could get you. This isn’t the dealership’s fault; they’re just going with whatever the regional or head office is giving them as an easy financing solution. They’re in the business of selling vehicles, not leasing them. These programs are something they offer for your convenience and most don’t spend a lot of time shopping around for the best rate, especially when it comes to businesses. Most dealerships are retail-facing businesses and don’t have a B2B focus.

Patron West Saves You Money on Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Patron West offers more commercial vehicle leasing options for small to medium sized businesses than you’ll find at the dealership. Prequalify with us before you purchase your next vehicle, so you show up at the dealership knowing exactly what you can spend. This gives you extra negotiation power; when you qualify through the dealership for financing, they’ll know that you qualify for a certain amount of money. When you prequalify with Patron West, they’ll have no idea what your budget is and you may be able to negotiate a better price. This is over and above what you’ll be saving in fees and interest rates over the dealership’s financing company of choice.

No Mileage Restrictions When Leasing Through Patron West

Almost any lease that you obtain through a dealership will lock you down with mileage restrictions that could see your business paying high penalties if you go over a certain mileage with the vehicle. If you run a business of any kind, you aren’t buying a vehicle to park it at your yard or garage. You’re purchasing it to drive it all over the place, so mileage restrictions are just a huge added expense for your business at the end of the day. Part of our job in trying to find you the best lease is finding a contract that eliminates these costly restrictions whenever we can.

Patron West Will Finance Gear and Vehicle

Patron West won’t just cover the vehicle, but any gear that you need to rig it up with too. Service boxes, pickers, tool kits, trailers, cutting torches, winches, welder machines, air compressors, fifth wheels, and most other accessories and equipment will be covered under most of our leases.

Patron West will help you finance whatever you need to make your vehicle work for your business, even the things that the bank or a traditional leasing company would not finance. Contact us today to find out more about our extremely flexible commercial light duty leasing options.

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