It’s not you, it’s your business. Don’t Take it personally.

Posted 06.22.2017

How do you not take it personally?  It’s your business and you have put all that you have into it.  With each milestone, success and at times failure, your business and you have been indistinguishable.  But, when it comes time to make decisions, decisions that will determine the future of the business, it might be the time to step aside and not take it personally.

What is your business?

You might consider yourself an entrepreneur, owner-operator, investor, deal maker or any number of roles.  You might see your business as your life’s work, a retirement plan, family income, a job or even a burden.  Regardless, your business is your investment. An investment that you poured your time, money and energy into and needs to pay you back at an acceptable return.

Business Items

What other people think

You’re most likely to take it personally when you invite others into your business.  Specifically, when you are looking for financing or investors.  Those are the times when business owners open their doors and books for all to see and are most likely to hear the less than flattering observations about your business.  This is not the time to get offended.  It’s not about you, it’s about your business – your investment.

Don’t take your ball and go home

I have spoken with a number of clients who have got heated after getting advice from any one of their bankers, accountants, partners or investors.  Getting mad rarely leads to a constructive outcome;  some sever relationships that were otherwise good, and some take paths in spite of what they were told. None of which is good for their business.

Look in through the Window

If you’re getting hot under the collar or white-knuckling the arms of your chair, step outside, take a deep breath and look back in.  Take yourself out of it and make yourself the investor again.  Look back in through the window as an outsider or get someone you trust to do it for you.  Otherwise, you might accept and reject suggestions that cost you time and money unnecessarily and that’s not a good return on your investment.

Let Patron West be the second set of eyes you need when yours might be clouded from the steam coming out of your ears.  We have over 20 years of experience working with business owners like you.   We’ve helped thousands of businesses with asset-based financing solutions.

We haven’t seen or heard it all yet so call or connect with us, we’d like to hear your story.  Our success comes from your business achieving its own.

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