A Network Versus a Sole Source

Posted 12.06.2017

A Network Versus a Sole Source

Leverage Our Network to Improve Your Approval Rate

The process is familiar and repeated.  Your business needs debt capital and you first go to your chosen source at one lender, usually your bank or credit union.  At the end of a longer than necessary process and repeated back and forth questions and requests there is only a 50/50 chance of getting approved.

At Patron West, one application process can open up opportunities for your business with our network of over 20 lenders! The process is easy with no appointments or office visits needed. Phone, email, text and courier help us get what you need as fast as possible. Once set up in our system repeat business is very easy with quick updates of business and financial information. Our team of professionals have a success rate for financing approvals of nearly 90%! This puts control of growth back into our clients hands. Once financing is set up, Patron West then becomes a one stop shop for all your administrative needs – no need to call each lender to access account information, we take care of all that for you.

Our lender network includes banks, credit unions, leasing companies, cash flow lenders, private debt and bridge financing. Whatever cycle your business is in, we have a lender who will be experienced and ready to help your business grow.

The Product, Term and Payment You Want

If you can’t find a product, term or payment structure that best suits your needs look to Patron West.  The larger the pool you can source from the more likely you are to get what you need.  Patron West can obtain products such as purchase lines of credit, leases and loans with creative structures and terms.

Dedicated to Our Customers Success

After 20 years of experience and helping thousands of businesses we can package your request in the most effective way and target lenders that give you the greatest probability of success.

Don’t give control of your business to your creditors.  Diversify your debt leveraging our network.  We will place you across a few key lenders with the most flexible terms and greatest options.

You need time, control and capital for your business with flexibility and options.  That’s what Patron West has to offer your business through our extensive network of lenders.

MORE FOR YOU: Time, Cashflow & Control.

Get started today, start your application and take back control of your finances.

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