Patron West Expands Into Ontario With Christine Hajjou

Posted 03.13.2014

Christine Hajjou, a senior team member at Patron West, is expanding our national presence with a new Ontario office. While Patron West has always served clients across Canada, the extended presence Christine gives us in Ontario will put us in an even better position to serve our Ontario clients in the transportation and other industry sectors.

Christine is a Contract Coordinator with Patron West. Her job is to pull together with clients, our sales team and finance sources to produce properly documented and audited final contracts. She takes care of everything on a client’s file from preparation for signing up until the deal is funded and closed. When she began working at Patron West two and a half years ago, Christine became a key member of the Patron team in day-to-day operations and from a strategic planning perspective.

She typifies the “A” player – the kind of person who takes initiative, makes things happen, finds a better way and instills confidence in stakeholders. Patron West has also made a significant investment in a software platform which enables many standard workflows to be completed offsite. Company President Ryan Risling said: “When Christine advised she was moving back east, I knew that the combination of technology and her experience would help us deliver even better service to our eastern stakeholders.  I look forward to growing our presence among small to medium enterprises throughout Ontario and the East Coast.”

Telecommuting: The Work Style of the Future

65% of the businesses polled by the Bank of Montreal in a 2013 survey said that telecommuting has a positive impact on employee productivity, while 58% stated that it has improved the overall quality of work. However, 53% of businesses surveyed expressed concerns that productivity would fall if they were to implement such a policy. CEO of Virgin International, Richard Branson, waved off concerns about telecommuting by stating that not letting employees work outside of the office is old school thinking.

It goes without saying that you have to feel like you’re part of a team to be a successful remote worker. Many companies will only let employees perform their duties remotely after they have been with a company for a certain period of time and demonstrated a mastery of their work and focus, both of which are essential for telecommuting.

Technology Enables Remote Work

Cloud computing has allowed many companies to mobilize their remote workforce with instant, secure access to central company applications and records. In our business, it is necessary to have access to client files from job sites, client business locations, or anywhere else we may need access to them. Putting our records securely in the cloud lets us be proactive about helping our clients wherever we are.

If Christine’s move had happened a decade ago, we would have lost one of the most valuable and productive members of our team. But through telecommuting, we have retained one of our most precious resources. The potential for telecommuting to reduce attrition rates at other businesses is huge, and it’s something we hope forward-thinking companies can see their way to adopting in the future.

We’re also very happy to have a presence in Ontario, where Patron West is serving an increasing number of small to medium businesses in the transportation sector, including couriers, truck & trailer owner/operators and oil hauling businesses.

If you have a business anywhere in Canada that has a need equipment leasing or rental financing, give us a call today. One of our helpful staff will be happy to walk you through the simple process of applying for financing.


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