Professional Finance Brokers Give Your Business an Edge

Posted 10.16.2012

As a small to medium-sized business, you are constantly looking for ways to minimize costs and streamline your processes. A good place to start is by making a professional finance brokerage like Patron West responsible for your financing and leasing needs. While banks prefer to give credit to big business, Patron West specializes in finding the financing that a small business needs.

A finance broker works just like an insurance or mortgage broker, finding your business the best sources of credit for your individual needs. Our experience and expertise can find you money in places you didn’t know it was hiding.

Access to More Sources of Credit
A financing broker can find credit that the banks don’t bother looking for because they are only interested in selling you their products. We deal with a number of financing companies that are sure to have options for you, even if you are a new business or your credit is not perfect.

Whether you are a web design studio looking to finance computer equipment or a small construction company that needs to add a vehicle to your fleet, we can find the financing you need to get what your business needs to operate.

Hands-on and Motivated Approach
Many of our clients come to us with an immediate need to get a deal done within a couple of days. When you are dealing with a bank, you are dealing with a corporate entity that is more interested in taking its time doing due diligence and following in-house policies than it is getting your deal done. They make you wait on them rather than the other way around.

Patron West knows that when a transportation company needs to purchase a truck, or a construction company needs to purchase a grader, the need is immediate and urgent. We get your deal done as quickly as possible. Just let us know what your timetable is and we’ll work within it as much as possible. Our company doesn’t make any money until your deal is done, where with a bank you are dealing with a salaried employee that will draw a paycheque whether your deal is completed on time or not.

Grow Faster With More Assets
If you are running a transportation company, you’ll naturally make more money with a larger fleet on the road. Patron West can get you access to more capital since we deal with more lenders, in some cases with reduced down payments. This means that you may be able to put a truck on the road or a piece of equipment on a job site more quickly than you thought you could. Grow your profits by growing your asset base and buying the equipment that makes you money now.

Diversification of Debt
Unlike using a bank or single direct lender, a broker will help lower your business risk by providing more options for financing with potentially less overall security required. Have all your eggs in one basket is just as true for your debt as it is for your investments. A broker is the best way to achieve the goal of debt diversification.

If you want to find out more about what a professional finance brokerage can do to make your equipment financing and leasing easier, contact us today.

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