What is A/R Financing?

Posted 04.15.2020

Accounts Receivable Financing (“A/R”), or Factoring as it is also called, is a specific financing product that allows businesses to move to cash faster by selling the receivable to a finance company at a discount. At Patron West we have always maintained that our products and services have to have real economic value for our clients either by capturing an opportunity or solving a problem. With the events around COVID19 it became clear to us that an A/R Financing service would have true value and offer the assistance some businesses would need as a result of longer receivable turn arounds on top of the continued cost pressure. We have partnered with one of the nations leading nonbank lenders to ensure the highest quality and lowest cost programs are available.

Running a business isn’t easy at the best of times so presenting clarity, stability and predictability are the cornerstones to our offerings..


  • Up to 90% of eligible invoices advanced.
  • There is no limit to the amount of financing you can pursue (minimum is $50,000 first time).
  • Based on sales revenue not your company’s overall financials.
  • A/R Financing is based on the quality of your customers’ credit not yours.
  • Save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on collecting money from customers.
  • Online reporting available.

AR Financing – one more way Patron West has your back.

For the complete guide to our service, as well as instructions on how to apply follow this link  https://www.patronwest.com/arfinancing/. or launch the questionnaire from the button below.

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