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Is Refinancing Right for Your Business?

Posted 04.21.2020

For some business owners, the thought of refinancing debt can feel like a defeat or last resort. The simple reality is that refinancing can be a life saver in the right situation; adding real cash back into the business monthly, instantly taking pressure of cashflow, and not to mention, personal stress for the owner. In […]
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4 Secrets to Scale Up Fast (and Avoid Financing Disasters)

Posted 07.05.2018

Things are becoming exciting in the business world again. It’s been years since many of us have seen a similar level of confidence in the economy, particularly in energy-related sectors—and lately pretty much everywhere. And despite lingering uncertainty on global, national and provincial levels, investment and growth continue to track upward. No question momentum is […]
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A Network Versus a Sole Source

Posted 12.06.2017

Leverage Our Network to Improve Your Approval Rate The process is familiar and repeated.  Your business needs debt capital and you first go to your chosen source at one lender, usually your bank or credit union.  At the end of a longer than necessary process and repeated back and forth questions and requests there is […]
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Diversifying Your Debt

Posted 10.16.2017

Diversification is a risk management technique to reduce volatility, produce stable returns and deliver a higher net benefit. A diversified capital pool will have a cost that lies between single source debt capital and opportunity cost. The opportunity cost is the lost revenue from being unable to operate due to a lack of capital. Most […]
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It’s not you, it’s your business. Don’t Take it personally.

Posted 06.22.2017

How do you not take it personally?  It’s your business and you have put all that you have into it.  With each milestone, success and at times failure, your business and you have been indistinguishable.  But, when it comes time to make decisions, decisions that will determine the future of the business, it might be […]
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I Love When a Plan Comes Together

Posted 06.07.2017

Being more successful than you anticipated is a great feeling. Coming up short when you didn’t expect to isn’t as enjoyable.  Both are warning signs to potential financing and investment partners.  You shouldn’t be expected to predict the future but you should have a strong plan and be ready to back it up. At the […]
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5 Essential Documents for Getting the Capital Your Business Needs

Posted 05.16.2017

Do you find the financing process frustrating? It takes too long, you’re asked for things repeatedly and there is a non-stop stream of questions. It’s a process that can create stress and anxiety. What you need is the capital when you need it. You know what to do to win a customer’s business. Build relationships, […]
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The High Risk of Low Cost Bank Asset Financing

Posted 07.06.2016

Having over 20 years’ experience arranging financing for industrial based SME’s (i.e. small & medium sized businesses), I am reminded yet again of how diversification is so important in all things business including debt. Downside to Asset Based Financing from the Banks Getting asset based financing from the bank at low interest rates may seem […]
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Your Kid Wants to Start a Business One Day – Excited or Time to Call the School Psychologist

Posted 04.26.2016

The fact some people dedicate their life to working on a new product or idea or strive to improve existing ones is crucial to our quality of life, prosperity and even peace as a nation. These people are the inventors, entrepreneurs and business leaders all around us. Sound like a stretch? Consider the following simple examples before discouraging your kids or […]
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