Aggregate and Road Building Equipment

It starts with clearing and excavation, then piling, fine grading, the laying of the aggregate base, and finally the asphalt is poured, packed, rolled and painted. Without the specialized equipment to do the job we wouldn’t have roads, foundations or concrete based materials or structures. In the sand and gravel pits we finance conveyors, screening equipment, crushers and feeders. Moving to the roads, we finance the motor graders, rollers, pavers, packers, sealers and painters. From pit to pavement, Patron West has you covered with seasonal cash flow payment options to ensure maximum profitability.



How it works:

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The Patron West Advantage


Full disclosure of rates, terms, residuals, and hidden fees. Contract terms and conditions are up front and honest, with no surprises.


Seasoned professionals will seek to understand your business goals and share insight from our experience working with thousands of businesses over the last 20 years.


We leverage multiple funding sources to balance your immediate and long-term goals, to narrow in on the best fit and the best terms for your business.


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