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Get your credit working for you.

Posted 01.17.2021

Too often we see business owners applying to get financing where the terms and rates offered by the lenders do not totally match their expectations. This mismatch can be the result of the age or type of equipment however more commonly the results are due to credit related issues such as a poor credit score, […]
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4 Reasons Leasing could turn your business around during COVID.

Posted 11.03.2020

Businesses in Canada are clearly experiencing a great deal of stress and uncertainty in the face of COVID-19. Operational uncertainty, lower revenues and even shutdowns have created a cashflow nightmare for businesses both large and small. The negative effects of the pandemic not only impact a business’s ability to make money, but also their ability […]
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4 Tips to Buying Used Equipment and Avoid Someone Else’s Problem.

Posted 10.19.2020

When you need equipment to earn revenue in your business, new equipment is not always an option or necessary.  On top of a better price, make sure you consider the following when purchasing used equipment, so you do not waste your time or money: 1. Make a checklist to make sure you get what you […]
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Is Refinancing Right for Your Business?

Posted 04.21.2020

For some business owners, the thought of refinancing debt can feel like a defeat or last resort. The simple reality is that refinancing can be a life saver in the right situation; adding real cash back into the business monthly, instantly taking pressure of cashflow, and not to mention, personal stress for the owner. In […]
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What is A/R Financing?

Posted 04.15.2020

Accounts Receivable Financing (“A/R”), or Factoring as it is also called, is a specific financing product that allows businesses to move to cash faster by selling the receivable to a finance company at a discount. At Patron West we have always maintained that our products and services have to have real economic value for our […]
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The Top 5 Joy Killers for Truckers

Posted 11.13.2018

Trucking is all about living the dream. The open highway as your workplace, with scenic vistas instead of office walls. And if you’re an Owner/Operator or independent, you’re the boss: king or queen of that road. But there are pitfalls. Huge ones for Owner/Operators with expenses like fuel, tires, insurance, repairs, and the truck payments […]
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The High Risk of Low Cost Bank Asset Financing

Posted 07.06.2016

Having over 20 years’ experience arranging financing for industrial based SME’s (i.e. small & medium sized businesses), I am reminded yet again of how diversification is so important in all things business including debt. Downside to Asset Based Financing from the Banks Getting asset based financing from the bank at low interest rates may seem […]
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Click, Upload & Sold!

Posted 05.08.2015

Selling your Equipment Online for Top $$$ These days one of the best ways to determine the value of your equipment and find a buyer is on the internet. Unfortunately this is where some readers may check out because they can’t figure out the camera on their phone or the internet or both, but wait there is […]
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